Kingdom Hope was inspired by my own journey. Ever since I was a young boy, all I ever wanted to do was to play professional football/soccer. It is a dream that I managed to achieve, but along the way there were many setbacks and trials that I had to overcome. I came close to giving up on my dream after suffering a serious leg injury at the age of 15, becoming influenced by negative people, and being told by several “experts” that I would never make it. Then a couple of mentors stepped into my life, which encouraged and motivated me to realize my dream. I told myself that once I achieved my dream, I would in return help asmany people who will find themselves in the same negative position I was in, to achieve their dreams as well. Not just in soccer, but in all areas of life. That is what Kingdom Hope is about. That is what I am about.

Kingdom Hope is the vehicle I use to help people achieve a level of greatness in their lives. Every program is designed to inspire, coach, and serve people into realizing their dreams.