Kingdom Hope was inspired by my own journey. Ever since I was a young boy, all I ever wanted to do was to play professional football/soccer. It is a dream that I managed to achieve, but along the way there were many setbacks and trials that I had to overcome. I came close to giving up on my dream after suffering a serious leg injury at the age of 15, becoming influenced by negative people, and being told by several “experts” that I would never make it. Then a couple of mentors stepped into my life, which encouraged and motivated me to realize my dream. I told myself that once I achieved my dream, I would in return help asmany people who will find themselves in the same negative position I was in, to achieve their dreams as well. Not just in soccer, but in all areas of life. That is what Kingdom Hope is about. That is what I am about.

Kingdom Hope is the vehicle I use to help people achieve a level of greatness in their lives. Every program is designed to inspire, coach, and serve people into realizing their dreams.

Soccer Team Banners Guide

A Banner is a large and long piece of fabric with designs, picture or writing on it. A banner is a usually rectangularly shaped piece of long and wide fabric.

Today, the term soccer is largely only used in the USA but the term is widely understood across the world as meaning football. However, in the UK especially, the term soccer is not accepted, with some fans insisting that the term should never be used, they believe America is trying to change their game name.The term soccer remained a popular but secondary term for football in the world.

Soccer Team Banners

Generally in the world, football and Soccer is a team sport banners played with a spherical ball between two teams of eleven prayers each. Each team is led by a captain, who has responsibility by the law of the game to represent their team in the coin toss prior to kick-off or penalty kicks. Players are not allowed to touch the ball with hands or arms while it is in play, except for the goalkeepers within the penalty area. Other players mainly use their feet to hit or pass the ball, but may also use any other part of their body except the hands and the arms. It is played in almost all the countries of the world if not all, making it the world’s most popular sport. (more…)

Make a Donation – Receive a GREAT GIFT personally signed by Steve!

soccer_dreamscoverMake a donation to Kingdom Hope (minimum $30) and receive as a thank you, a copy of Clare Meeker’s book Soccer Dreams: Playing the Seattle Sounders FC Way autographed BY STEVE himself!.  Just click on the Donate button and make a gift and your book will be sent to you via USPS Priority Mail*.  Be sure to donate by 2:00 PM on Wednesday, December 21 to allow ample time for shipping (books shipped Thursday or Friday may still arrive on or before December 24).

*Since this is being sent via USPS Priority Mail, there is no guarantee of delivery by Christmas, but if you donate by 2:00 PM on Wednesday, it will be shipped by the end of the day and shouldarrive no problem by the 24th.

Sounders Viewing Party to Beneift Kingdom Hope!

Sounder at Heart is co-hosting (along with Golazo) an away viewing party for the second leg of the Sounders-Santos Laguna CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal. The event will double as our scarf distribution event. We of course appreciate those of you who have bought and will buy scarves, but buying a scarf is not a mandatory part of attending.

The event is ALL AGES, but beer will be available and is being donated by Big Al’s. For the non-drinkers, there will be plenty of Golazo All Natural products to drink, including their new line of hydration drinks. A suggested donation will be accepted at the door and all proceeds will go to Kingdom Hope.

The doors will open at 4 p.m. and we’ll be hanging out until at least the conclusion of the Galaxy-Toronto FC match. Please feel free to join us at any point during the evening.

We will update this page as more details become available. But definitely save the date and RSVP, as that will greatly help us plan.