Steve Zakuani has been able to share his inspirational life message in several churches, Universities, and corporate organizations over the past few years. Drawing from his own experiences that have spanned five continents and over 15 countries, he shares what he has learned through the many adversities and successes he has encountered. With his passion for inspiring people to achieve their goals, Steve has crafted a message that inspires you to allow the leader inside you to emerge as you maximize your potential. To book Steve for an event, please submit your email and a brief message by clicking here.

Rising Leaders

Rising Leaders is an annual leadership event held in Seattle, Washington. It is designed to be a short, powerful, and insightful time where Steve shares his experiences that will inspire individuals to become better leaders in all areas of life. In the two hour seminar, many life skills are taught in an inspirational setting encouraging people to realize their potential and reach for their dreams.

Community Outreach

Kingdom Hope is very active within Seattle and it’s surrounding areas. From partnering with other organizations to making guest appearances at various fundraising events, Steve and the Kingdom Hope team is committed to serving the local community and support other non-for-profit with the same mission. Why giving back to the community is important to Steve: “When I first arrived in Seattle I didn’t have a car and so I would carpool with my former teammate, James Riley, every morning. After training, he’d often stop by the Boys and Girls club to volunteer his time. He always told me it was important to give back and be active in the community. It is a lesson I will never forget and that is why I am passionate about being a role model, example, and person who gives back to his immediate community.” – Steve

Cecile Zakuani Scholarship

Named after Steve’s mother, our scholarship program financially aids African students to attend and complete university in Rwanda. We have partnered with These Numbers Have Faces and are extremely proud to play our role in giving kids with limited resources, the opportunity to further their education. For more about our scholarship visit http://kingdom-hope.org/cecile-zakuani-scholarship/

Future of Kingdom Hope

The Kingdom Hope Soccer Academy will be a two-year program that will offer aspiring soccer players the opportunity to receive high level soccer coaching, continuation of their academic education, and life coaching in several areas ranging from goal setting to nutrition. The aim is to produce not only soccer players, but also well-rounded individuals in every area of life. Click here to learn more