Steve's Story

“For as long as I can remember, I had a dream to play soccer professionally. I lived and breathed soccer throughout my childhood. Growing up in England, where soccer is a religion, only served as extra fuel to my dream. However, while I was focused on becoming a great soccer player, I began to neglect my education and studies. In England, high school is finished at 16 years old, which is also the age at which most professional soccer clubs decide whether or not to offer professional contracts to the players in their youth teams. I was always supremely confident that at 16 I would find a professional contract and so I never had the same worries about life after secondary school (high school) that my friends did.

On June 9th 2003, I was riding around London on a stolen motorcycle when I lost control and crashed into a car. I was 15 years old and suffered a serious knee injury that required two surgeries and 14-months of rehab.