The Kingdom Hope Vision is to create programs that foster an environment where people can develop their leadership ability.

The Kingdom Hope Mission is to inspire people to become great leaders.

The Kingdom Hope Belief is that everyone is born to lead in some capacity and with awareness and inspiration that this potential leadership quality can be birthed.

The Kingdom Hope Philosophy is to inspire greatness in people first through being and then teaching others how to be servant leaders.

Achieving Our Purpose

Inspiring through Teaching: The first step to becoming a great leader is to see great potential within oneself. That is why Kingdom Hope is passionate about delivering workshops, seminars and conference programs that help people of all ages to discover their leadership ability. Our annual leadership conference Rising Leaders brings this entire experience together in a one day session.

Inspiring through Education: Kingdom Hope believes passionately in the power of education. A good education can often open up different opportunities that otherwise may be inaccessible, this is why  we are extremely proud of our Cecile Zakuani Scholarship . This scholarship gives students in Africa the ability to attend a top university in Rwanda. For more information please see our scholarship section.

Inspiring through Sports: At Kingdom Hope we are uniquely aware of the positive role that sports can play in developing the leadership potential of individuals. Kingdom Hope aim to help as many individuals experience the positive impact of soccer through our soccer clinics and eventually our own soccer academy. Visit our academy section for more information.

Inspiring through Serving: Servant leadership runs throughout all that Kingdom Hope does and we take great pride in serving within our community.